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Solo Whist

Play a game of cards with your Facebook Friend

The Game

Challenge you Facebook friends
to a game of Solo Whist (4 needed)

Bid on your hand to win points against the other players

See who is online and click to invite them to a game

Share the page link with your friends to
get them involved


Start / Join a Game

Login to see which of your friends are online for a game

Game Play

1. Get your friend to the game page
2. Invite / Accept a game with your friend
3. For each round place you bid from the list, or "No Bid"
4a. Play out as many whist hands as required to win or loose the bid
4b. Or declare a win by showing your hand and let your opponents descide
5. Scores are added to the board until the host ends the game
Note Trump suit changes each round

Standard whist rules apply
  • You must follow suit of the lead card if you can
  • Highest card in lead suit wins, unless trump is played
  • Winner of the trick, leads the next one

The Leader Board

See how your friends have done

None of your friends have won a game yet
you can be the first

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